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The best street art in Playa del Carmen: what to see
Playa del Carmen offers plenty of surfaces buildings, overpasses and walls to tag, mural, sticker and wheatpaste. Street art here is the messages that tell us a lot about what is happening in Playa and in general in Mexico.
Playa Del Carmen has a large art scene. Being an international destination for travelers the city brings very talented national and international artists that prefer to work on walls rather than canvas. Here is a list of the must see murals in Playa del Carmen.


Senkoe's work draws from two sources: pre-Hispanic art and the world of dreams, reminding us that both come from a single origin, pure creation. The state of enlightenment in which everything that is spoken, drawn or painted is a greater work of art. In this way, his graphic takes up the delirium of textiles typical of Mexico – its shapes and colors – and the memories of a dream world that constantly vanishes.

Other sources of inspiration are in the botanical illustration, literature, comics, as well as cartoons, nature and the sea. From them, Senkoe creates anthropomorphic characters, creatures of the unconscious, animals that come alive; they fly, rest and travel along a monstrous and beautiful Mexican identity. These elements constitute what can be called a narrative graffiti that populates the global anonymity that has permeated our streets. As a result, his work stimulates the imagination of the passer-by with a kind of animal reverie.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/senkoeone/
Ecb ( Hendrik Beikirch)

A respectable and rich first monograph by German Street Artist Hendrik Beikirch, known on the street as ECB, Blurring Boundaries aptly explains the area between his graffiti roots and photo-realist portraiture that makes room for emotion. Discovering the hip-hop world in the late 1980s as so many metropolitan youth around the world did thanks to the cultural export of video, vinyl, books and cassette tapes, Beikirch first began his own exploration in graffiti that mimicked the influence of cities like New York interpreted through the local teen culture of Kassel where he was born.

The intervening twenty years put him on a singular route to develop his own style of using acrylic, emulsion paint, and aerosol in an integrated seamless monochromatic palette technique. His massive portraits of anonymous men (primarily) with creased faces and cryptic maxims have grown onto and into street scenes, evoking emotion in the viewer, and the rare of empathy from a stranger. Now installing his works around the world on ever larger facades in cities like Sao Paulo, Seoul, Delhi, Miami, Kazan, Brooklyn, and throughout Germany, ECB makes an additional looming space for the face of one more wanderer.

Rather than attaching a distinct storyline, ECB gives his sitters a narrative that stretches and ambulates beyond location, sometimes following the passerby to their next appointment. If your imagination was in slumber, an unexpected ECB portrait can awaken it and create the story. At the very least you are introduced to a stranger whom you hadn't realized could become a confidant, a familiar face in the cacophony of the city.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecbhendrikbeikirch/

Eddie Colla

Eddie attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and graduated from the California College of Arts with a BFA in photography/interdisciplinary fine arts in 1991. He began his artistic career as a photographer, working first for the New York Times and later countless magazines, record labels and ad agencies. 15 years later he has morphed into one who counters the all-pervasive nature of commercialism in public spaces.

Since 2005, his wheat-pastes and stencils can be found throughout public spaces in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Miami. Eddie's work first began to garner national recognition when his street art began incorporating images of Barack Obama throughout the 2008 Presidential election. His growing popularity landed him attention on internet blogs, features in six published books, and participation in the "Manifest Hope Art Gallery" shows at the 2008 Democratic National Convention and at the Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C. His designs have been transformed many times over, from stickers, album and magazine covers.

Eddie took on the role of curator at lOAKal gallery in Oakland CA in December of 2012. In 2013 Eddie worked closely on collaborations with D Young V creating several large scale public mural projects and a 2 man installation.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eddiecolla/
Saul Torbe

The Mexican city Pachuca is home to a stunning mixture of arts and a rich history that gave life to it all. It bears a unique vibe incorporated in culture and nature, celebrated by numerous artists. One of the most famous Pachuca artists is a young artist Saul Torbe who creates a series of paintings based on the connection between the humans and its environment, capturing the emotions and interactions.

In Playa del Carmen Saul painted a beautiful art monster dripping with amazing colors.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saul_torbe/

A young mural artist Areuz is one of Mexico best known artists, recognized for his astonishing murals of unique visual style.

Originally from Mexico DF, Gonzalo started to paint from the early years, going from graffiti to murals. For the last six year the artist is dedicated to painting the murals. His colorful works are based on pre-Hispanic elements, legends and myths. The bright colors of folkloric ancient cultures are some of the things that influence a lot on his works and make him one of the most prominent street artists in Mexico.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/a_r_e_u_z/
Martin Ferreyra

Argentinian street artist Martin Ferreyra is known for his remarkable illustration murals and installations. The artist studied psychology in the National University of Cordoba meanwhile participating in workshops in painting and ceramics by Adriana Cervi, Ramiro Vazquez. The artist keeps painting the murals, he creates the ceramic Totem Bowls and collaborates with other artists, such as Sol Pereyra, and brands, such as Absolut, HP, and Nike, among others.

For his works the artist uses different kinds of surfaces, including pieces of cardboard of various sizes, which gives his art an additional flare.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/martin_ferreyra/
Location: Calle 38 Nte. / Calle 5 Bis.

Based in Mexico City, Hilda Palafox became widely known for her illustrations and crafted dolls. Occasionally she also does mural works and just like her illustrations they feature graceful female figures and bear the same spirit of elegance. The female body inspires Hilda Palafox's work as the central element.

Her images present a fresh look at the traditional representation of the female body in Western art. The shapes, colors, and textures seem to embody Latin American women, radiant colors, robust silhouettes, dark skin, and monumental bodies whose edges intermingle with the spaces containing them. Her work is inspired by the mystery of the feminine, in the meaning of its physical, emotional, and spiritual state.

In the mural Palafox painted two girls relaxing in the water, using a limited palette of colors and at the same time achieving an incredible balance between different hues.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/poni/
Location: Calle 8 Nte
Jesus Benitez

Mexico City-based street artist Jesus Benitez, who makes works under the name Dhear is famous outside of the capital. Influenced by Sci-Fi movies and nature, this young artist makes works from street art to sculpture.

The themes of his work range from nature to humanity. Specifically, he uses several layers of paint, giving his pieces a very characteristic touch. With a range of colors composed mostly of pastels, JB's work mesmerize you.

Location: Calle 14 bis esquina Avenida 40 Norte
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jesusbenitezf/

Fabio Lopez is a Spanish artist who goes by the name of Dourone . He came to art when he was just a little boy, going to the shop with his grandma, he would stop and look at graffiti in the streets of the little place of Alcorcon, in the suburbs of Madrid. He liked to draw, and he made his first painting alongside his uncle who visited from France. Dourone finds it difficult to get by on one's own in a culture where art is difficult to live by.

He recognizes himself as an artist when his piece is finished and he can confidently call it his own, surpassing challenges of not getting anything new every time. Before finding his own style, he experimented and realized he first needs to learn how to draw. Later, he tested his skills through painting, graffiti, sculpture and decoration. Dourone is still trying to define his style, and he finds it most relatable to the word sentipensante originating from the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, which combines thought and sense.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dourone/
Curiot (Favio Martinez)

Curiot is a painter and street artist working in Mexico City. He earned his B.F.A from the Universidad Michoacana de S.N. Hidalgo in 2008. His paintings have been exhibited in diverse solo and group venues including Fecal Face, Anno Domini, Fifty24MX, CC186, etc and received an award for his work 'Mass Media' in the 7th National Biennial of Painting and Engraving Alfredo Zalce.

Curiot's colorful paintings, featuring mythical half-animal half-human figures and scenes, which allude to Mexican traditions (geometric designs, Day of the Dead styles, myths and legends, tribal elements), are rendered in detail with a mixture of highly vibrant yet complementary colors. Blending human and animal forms in vibrant mythical beasts Curiot creates unbelievable stories on the walls of Mexican cities. His characters are dressed in tribal costumes covered with pattern, feather, fur and jewelry.

Himed y Reyben

Himed & Reyben were one of the Stencil Art Prize finalists for good reason. Hailing from Queretaro, Mexico, Himed & Reyben, whose names are Arlen Pichado and José Ugalde respectively, have shown that young artists are up there with the bests when it comes to innovative painting. At their respective ages of 25 and 24, they've received critical acclaim for their sprawling, powerful and evocative artworks and murals.

"Our creative inspiration comes from our own experience and our daily interactions with the world and with each other. Our creative inspiration stems from all of these experiences – everything from the good the bad, the ugly and the beautiful" the artists mention.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reyben_one/,


Sens is a Mexican street artist and illustrator known for his illustrative and colorful cartoonish style. His funny and optimistic characters can be found all around South America. Born and raised in the city of Queretaro, Mexico, Sens was introduced to urban art by his older sister in the suburbs, also called "colonias populares". The artist believed he has no talent, so he was mostly focused on drawing. One of Sens' first drawings was "Goku", the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball metaseries created by Akira Toriyama.

The Mexican street artist continued visual art and painting at the School of Fine Arts in Querétaro. One of the most important steps for Sens' career was getting the scholarship from the recognized Mexican artist Ramsés De La Cruz to study hyper-realism. Ironically by that time, he developed his illustrative, more cartoonish style. Sens has participated in over 40 group shows around Mexico as well as in many urban art and graffiti festivals.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sens_217/
Captain Klavis

Captain Klavis is a graphic designer, illustrator and muralist originally from Guadalajara, who 10 years ago went backpacking to the Mexican southeast and without intention of settling there, began a path full of stories and adventures related to the sea. Capitan Klavis not just found a home but as well a great inspiration in Playa del Carmen where his most famous murals are located

Regarding what the artist seeks, he points out: "None of my murals are sad or aggressive. I try to paint happy moments ". For the artist, art generates community and awareness. "I have an idea that a child who will see my works will be inspired"

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/capitanklavis.visualart/
Dherzu Uzala

Dherzu Uzala, Cancun-based street artist, creates signature murals with pre-Hispanic elements. Embracing the style of the Old Masters, surrealism and translating it into street art expression, Dherzu is famous for his bright colorful murals executed solely in acrylic paint, showing his mastery in this technique.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dherzu_uzala/

Argentinian street artist and architect Francisco Díaz aka Pastel finished this new mural in the well-known Mexican paradise Playa del Carmen. Titled "Pre-hispanic conquest", the new mural explores the issue of pre-Hispanic times portraying (as usual) plants native to the region using that signature colour scale that has characterised his murals during the last year, petroleum blues, greys and dark reds give shape to a mythical flora over a soft background of light pink and brown.

Pastel is a painter and architect, living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina who sees his work as "urban acupuncture" trying to establish a dialogue within the city. For him modern cities are full of "Non-places" because of irregular and not inclusive planning. Paintings represent then a kickstart for some of these places, working on the local identity and not being another tool of social gentrification.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pastelfd/
Street art inspires, wakes you up and makes you get out of your comfort zone. And talented street artists pour their hearts into the work to produce breathtaking pieces that we can see now on the streets of Playa del Carmen.

Sometimes its enough to simply look at your neighborhood and think about the way you can improve your surroundings.