A Taste of Cuba
15 photos of Cuba that will make you feel alive

Cuba is a very diverse country. From one side – communism, the lack of product variety and very simple life, from another side – amazing architecture, old cars and open people whose inside freedom is stronger than the political regime and closed borders.
Cuba is a perfect destination to take photos and get closer to the life in the time of communism. I will show you TOP 15 best photos that I took during my visit to Cuba.
1. It's hard to imagine Havana without a palette of colors, people and cigars that all together makes a strong feeling of ultimate Cuban life.
2. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." - one of my favourite photos from Cuba
3. A woman caring a French baguette. Her dress and jewelry fit the bursting colors of Havana. The French bread that you can find all over the country is one of the most delicious breads in the world.

4. A typical café in Havana where you can quickly grab a sandwich and take a can of TuKola – a popular prototype of Coca Cola, produced and marketed in Cuba
5. The colors of the neighborhood. Cuban society is fairly diverse and accepting all people. The people who live here are a part of one big community.
6. The life in Cuba is not easy. The average salary per month is 25-30 USD; it's the price for a taxi ride from the airport to the city. Many people quit their jobs and try to find work in a tourism industry.
7. Old Havana has experienced many incarnations, but now its one of Havana's most vibrant gathering spots
8. In 2015 the World Health Organization announced that Cuba has "one of the greatest public health achievements possible". There is a lot of work should be done
9. In Trinidad, one of the most famous cities in Cuba, it's always hot and noisy. Locals open the doors to get fresh air come in. And someone takes a nap
10. Kids don't have IPhone and laptops but they still have interesting life
11. Santa Clara, the city of Che Gevara, is full of memorials, sights, connected with a Cuban revolutioner. At the same moment there are plenty of old buildings and people living their life like it was before Fidel Castro's ruling.
12. Cuba is a multiethnic country whose peoples and customs derive from diverse origins, including the period of Spanish colonialism, time of bringing slaves and close relations with the Soviet Union.
13. The lessons in a Trinidad school start from the running. Because of lack of the stadium the students run on the streets
14. Rumors…
15. Just after visiting Cuba you notice how much all the communism and post communism countries are similar
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