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The Must-See Street Art in Puerto Vallarta
Murals and graffiti is a reflection of the culture. They can be historically significant as they serve as a reminder for a struggle or victory. In Puerto Vallarta they are beautiful and uplifting, generating the source of pride for local people.
Tony Collantez

Tony Collantez, originally from Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, is a plastic artist and muralist. He experiments with different materials like aerosols, brushes, rollers, pastel. The artist makes design, he works with digital media using new pictorial trends in the form of interventions, murals on floors, walls and buildings.

Tony's art includes numerous international public murals, which have won many international competitions and can be found in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Mexico and the U.S. "As one of Mexico's new generation of expressive young painters, Tony offers the world a fresh, imaginative look inside the human condition that's often playful, sometimes shocking and always provocative."

In Puerto Vallarta, Tony has just finished a nearly life-size mural on the front part of Cafe des Artistes. It's one of his many murals in Puerto Vallarta public spaces and one the most popular art work in the city.

Facebook: Tony Collantez
Adrian Takano

The walls of Puerto Vallarta are beautifully decorated by an aerosol master, Adrian Takano, who has given a unique atmosphere to this coastal city.

Originally from Mexico City, currently the resident of Puerto Vallarta, Adrian Takano Rojos is a famous street artist whose realistic works are embodied in walls around the city. Adrian plays with shadows and lights in a unique way, mixing his works with local decorations. The artist says that when he goes to paint he feels the need to give life to a wall and show the roots of his country to all foreigners who visit Puerto Vallarta.

Takano grew up in Mexico City and worked as a freelance illustrator there, as well. Twelve years ago he visited the quieter coastal community of Puerto Vallarta for a vacation and never left. It was there that he began to both create and teach art and his murals can now be found in eight countries around the world.

When he first arrived in Vallarta he painted just inside people's homes. Later Adrian decided he'd rather focus on public art. "I put all my efforts there and that's what I've been doing since."
The piece above on the photos was commissioned by Colectika gallery owner Kevin Simpson, who also leads mural tours around the city. "From the mouth of the shaman come the words that heal the earth, and these wise words migrate from generation to generation, transcending time," he says. "So does this work of art."

And the artist admits he gets the inspiration from the history. He feels being fascinated with ancestral knowledge from the Toltec and the Maya. The Mesoamerican art has been his favorite since he was very young, and it continues to inspire him. And indeed the Adrian's murals are a powerful mix of magical realism, Mesoamerican aesthetics, and a vibrant color.

Their subject matter almost always honors the strong cultural roots of Mexico via depictions of the Indigenous peoples, though other Indigenous peoples sometimes make an appearance in them, as well.

Instagram: Adrian Takano

Another notable piece of public art by Jupiterfab has been installed in Puerto Vallarta. The technologies, how we distance ourselves from those who really matter, are the main concepts that are represented in the mural.

Jupiterfab admitted: " Technologies are not bad, we use them in many things on an artistic level. The important thing is to find a balance between the real and the virtual ". The mural is a part of the project "Is This Modern Society?" is a social initiative featuring wall paintings, drawings, art exhibitions and talks, whose main objective is to create a space for reflection about the excessive use of technology in our daily lives. It is a satirical project with presence in countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain, among some others.

Jupiterfab is a multimedia artist who portrays the reality he observes in urban life and the behaviour of the human being through painting and wall painting. Besides, he is part of social- anthropological projects around the world with topics such as migration, religion, gentrification, inequality and poverty.

Instagram: Jupiterfab
Eva Bracamontes

Eva Bracamontes is a designer and visual communicator, specializing in Illustration. In her works Eva seeks to project the Latin American woman; ancestral aspects, symbolisms and animals mixed with letters and abstract figures.

With this mural Eva has participated in Restore Coral project. Restore Coral is an organization working for the restoration of reef systems in Mexico, starting with the Mesoamerican Reef System. The Mesoamerican Reef, also known as the Great Mayan Reef, stretches for over 1,000 kilometres starting at the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula and continuing south along the coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. In recent decades, the Mesoamerican Reef System has experienced a density loss of 75% endangering hundreds of marine species.

The mural "Resurrection" by Eva Bracamontes communicates with its shapes and colors how important the sea life for us is.

Instagram: Eva Bracamontes

The Puerto Vallarta based artist Qvetzal seeks to reflect the nature of a social condition shaped in various aesthetic triangles - on his canvas and mural works. The artist admits that his creative act consists of analyzing fragments of images, extracting their essence through drawing or collage, developing various languages and production processes that border between analog and digital.

His work "Underwater dreaming" picturing Frida Kahlo is one of the most popular murals in the city. The artist has more paintings of Frida Kahlo that are always imaginitive twists on the Mexican icon. With lush flora and hallmark bold colors, his pieces are truly one of a kind and highly sought after.

Qvetzal is a determined, talented artist who moved to Puerto Vallarta six years ago. He owned a gallery in Mexico City before he moved to PV. He constantly makes creative waves on the local art scene, painting more murals and creating the art pieces that you can see in the artist studio.

Instagram: Qvetzal
Dherzu Uzala

Dherzu Uzala is a Cancun based illustrator, street artist. He has worked with brands such as Tequila el Milagro generating the graphic image and illustration for their next special edition. Dherzu participated as a muralist in more than 10 mural festivals throughout Mexico and came to Puerto Vallarta to take part in Restore Coral Mural Project.

With the mural Dherzu used the space to raise awareness for the restoration, reproduction and care of coral reefs.

Instagram: Dherzu Uzala

Misael Ivan Lopez is one of the local favorites. He has work in both public and private spaces in PV as well as many amazing murals in Sayulita.

Misael was born in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, raised in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA. At the age of 4 he discovered his passion for painting. In 2007 he received a grant for upcoming immigrant artists called 'Espejos' from Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis. This recognition and encouragment changed his perspecitve completely on what his possibilities were in the art world. Three years later the young artist was deported by the US government back to Mexico. He choose Puerto Vallarta as his home city where he keeps creating colorful works.

The bright colors of folkloric ancient cultures are some of the things that influence a lot on his works and make him one of the most loved street artists in Puerto Vallarta.

Instagram: Misael

Ogbi is one more great artist based in Puerto Vallarta. When the artist talks about his works, he admits "The trip of existence begins when we open our eyes to the world or maybe before, and it ends when we close them or maybe after... On the way between the edges of life and death there is only one story, information, imagination, suspicion and sometimes, magic times, there is certainty and rapprochement to the reality of our Destiny..."

With an interesting fusion of styles, this mural painted a year ago reminds us the greatness of sea life: the whales that visit Puerto Vallarta during winter, the unique corals along Mexican beaches, all the traditions, stories and legends around life by the sea, among other treasures.

Instagram: Ogbi
El Señor

Roy Camacho is a Puerto Vallarta multimedia (graffiti, tattoo) artist whose works are mainly influenced by organic forms and a mixture of different techniques.He is the part of the famous crew Locos Playa and mostly his graffitis you can see all over Puerto Vallarta and in the other cities as well.

El Señor takes part in different events, festivals and has the collaboration with other artist like in case with this piece on the photo made by him and Deken Kodeak.

Instagram: El Señor

Bue The Warrior a.k.a. Dave De Rop was born in an artist family. His father and grandfather were both employees of Willy Vandersteen. Dave grew up with comics and cartoons. He was taught drawing from an early age. When Dave was 13 years old he moved with his mother from Antwerp back to Ghent. He spent his childhood "on the streets". He still carries the influence of the hip hop and skate culture. The creative vibe in the scene has shaped his artistic future and recognizable graffiti style.

Bue describes his style as "simple, super recognizable, naive, childlike, positive and with good vibes". Rightly so, every person from Ghent is familiar with Bue's playful birds as now the locals in Puerto Vallarta.

Dave emigrated to Mexico in 2015, on his artistic peak in Belgium. Artists in Belgium are generally paid better than in Mexico. But Dave was never motivated by money alone. To earn money in his new town, Dave opened a waffle restaurant/art gallery named "Holly Waffles".

"Most people who come to eat waffles don't have a clue that the art on the walls is mine. I don't care, I'm not one of those artists who desperately wants to be THE artist. Actually, I don't consider myself an artist, but just someone who draws a lot. Every Friday, other 'artists' also exhibit in the restaurant. "

Instagram: Bue The Warrior
There are so many beautiful art pieces to see in Puerto Vallarta. Take a walk along Puerto Vallarta streets and enjoy art scene.