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TOP 8 Art Galleries in Puerto Vallarta
So many contemporary art galleries opened their doors to the local and international artists in Puerto Vallarta, that art has become more reachable for collectors, art lovers and dealers.
In this charming destination, where many galleries are bustling with locals, art lovers and visitors from around the world, you can view stunning exhibitions and also buy unique pieces. There are so many fantastic art galleries in Puerto Vallarta that is impossible to mention them all in this article, however, below you'll find a comprehensive list of some of the best.
Galeria Corsica

After 20 years of being founded by Jean Pierre Renucci in the center of Puerto Vallarta, this art gallery has changed, revolutionized and set trends featuring contemporary Mexican fine art from some of the top painters and sculptors across Mexico.

Galería Corsica used to be in the house of renowned Puerto Vallarta artist Jesús Tellosa, just across the street from Café des Artistes and half of a block away where it used to be. Corsica features works of art (painting and sculpture) carefully selected by experienced international collector and curator Jean Pierre Renucci, with more than 30 years working in the field. All of the artists featured at Galería Corsica boast an excellent curriculum of international scope and their works are a part of important private and public collections in Mexico.

Location: Calle Guadalupe Sánchez 756 Centro, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.10:00 AM – 9:00 PM. Monday – Saturday
Website: https://galeriacorsica.com
Galeria Omar Alonso

Galería Omar Alonso is an innovative and forward-looking hotspot. With a mission to electrify the spirit of their visitors and deliver inspiration through cutting-edge art, design, illustration, low brow art and tiki art, the gallery offers an evolving collection of art and design pieces (it features works by over 20 artists) curated with limited availability and unlimited personality.

Their roster consists of locally renowned, mid-career and emerging talent whose practice encompasses fields of art, design and passionate manufacturing. It also features fine art, photography.

Location: Leona Vicario 249, Centro, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
Website: https://galeriaomaralonso.com
Galeria Colectika

Ancestral Contemporary Art Gallery was opened at the corner of Guadalupe Sanchez and Allende.
Artists like Jacobo and Maria Angeles, Afonso Castillo, Saulo Moreno, Guillerimina Aguilar, Florencio Lopez, Santos Bautista, Luis Castro and Jose Benitez have left their works at this gallery.

The Huichol beadwork pieces here are mostly one of a kind, there are some fine Huichol yarn art pieces, metalwork from Chiapas and ceramics from Oaxaca and Chihuahua. Pieces come with authenticity stamps and owner Kevin and his assistants are happy to discuss the art in detail.

If you want to have a go at making Huichol beadwork yourself, you can sign up for a session with one of their artisans.

Location: #858 G. Sánchez, Calle Allende esquina, Centro, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
Website: http://www.peyotepeople.com/
Posters International Gallery

Posters International gallery exhibits the most comprehensive pre-1945 and post-war collection of original Polish posters covering movies, theater, music, jazz, opera, dance, sports, politics, circus exhibitions and rare product advertising. The collection represents, in depth, the work of the leading artists from the last 100 years from the acclaimed Polish School of Design.

Prior the gallery located in Chicago, IL, Santa Fe, NM, and San Miguel de Allende, MX. Rosenberg collection founder worked as the board director in International Vintage Poster Dealers Association. He is the executive producer of the movie documentary Freedom on the Fence shown at Museum Modern Art, NY & many film festivals.

Location: Leona Vicario 233, Centro, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
Website: https://www.rosenbergcollection.com
Galeria Uno

Galería Uno was honored and celebrated in 2021 for it´s contribution to art and culture for the past 50 years in Puerto Vallarta, it's the oldest gallery in the city. This prestigious gallery is located downtown one block from the Malecon on Morelos and Corona streets. Exhibiting the works of over 30 artists living and working in Mexico, features artists that include Arturo Rivera, Vladimir Cora, Sergio Garval, Diego Ayala, Jose Guerrero, Yolanda Marroqui, Claudia Nery, Manuel Martinez, among others established young artists. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you in your selected art purchase in this charming and spacious area.

Galeria Uno features exhibition rooms, art for sale, valuations and a framing service. The gallery sells all kinds of materials for artists and holds drawing and painting classes for both children and adults.

Location: Morelos 561, Centro, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
Website: http://galeria-uno.com
Galeria Pacifico

Galeria Pacifico was opened on November 27th, 1987, by its founder, Gary Thompson. The focus in the gallery is on the works of Mexican artists and a few foreign painters and sculptors being selected not only on having Mexico as a major residence but also on their level of reflecting the artistic sensibilities and historical antecedents of the country.

The gallery has always presented a fairly great mix of paintings and sculptures. A few special artists such as Brewster Brockmann and Hugo Barajas have shown their talent in both mediums. They both represent a trend where some artists originally from Guadalajara have made Vallarta their primary residence, with Roberto Vazquez and Luis Espiridion being other examples. Some artists such as Alfredo Langarica have continued living in Guadalajara while showing their work in Puerto Vallarta. That is also the case with Mexico City based artists Aida Emart and Virginia Aparicio, who show here with Pacifico but remain living in the city.

Galeria Pacifico also sponsors the free Malecon Sculpture Tour that happens every Tuesday morning at 9:30 from mid November to mid April, starting at the Millennium sculpture next to the Hotel Rosita at the north end of the Malecon.

Location: Aldama 174, Centro, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
Website: https://galeriapacifico.com
Mundo de Azuelos

Traipse through the cobblestone streets and find yourself at the Mundo de Azuelos(World of Tiles) where you can buy Talavera tiles in all shapes and sizes. Talavera Mexican ceramic tiles are skilfully crafted, glazed, and painted by hand.

This store is fully stocked with the full gamut including mugs, dishes, vases, plaques, napkin holders, murals, lamps – you name it. Some of these artisan wares are said to have crossed Mexico's borders and ended up in the White House and the Vatican.

Location: Venustiano Carranza 374, Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata, 48380 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
Website: https://www.talavera-tile.com.mx/
Galleria Dante

Galleria Dante is an art gallery where the newest in classical and contemporary art pieces, sculptures of many talented artists can be viewed.

Galleria Dante and Di Vino Dante, even though two separate businesses, are both located in an old hacienda style villa. After meeting in Puerto Vallarta in 1986, Claire and Joe Guarniere, inspired by Dante and Beatrice and their mutual love of Italy, began their family business in 1988 with an Italian restaurant called "Pizza Joe" and a small classical Art Gallery. In 1995 they opened "Galleria Dante", which is now the largest fine art gallery in Puerto Vallarta, exhibiting the works of more than 60 artists –from emerging to well established museum artists (both painters and sculptors). Of these artists 85% are Mexican-born. The countless pieces are arranged in the European "salon" style throughout the massive gallery's eight rooms, including a beautiful open-air courtyard.

Location: Basilio Badillo 269, Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata, 48380 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
Website: http://www.galleriadante.com