A Taste of Art
Art is when you hear the knocking from your soul – and you answer… Art attracts us by what it reveals of our most secret self. It's always a great inspiration and a new way to see things in everything. I introduce you to 25 greatest Mexican street artists.
El Norteño (Alonso Delgadillo)

An urban artist from Tijuana Alonso Delgadillo (more known as El Norteño) has its own unique style. Through art he tells different stories, creates harmonious graffiti made of acrylic, spray, pencil and ink, bringing an identity to all the works he makes.

In the portraits of folkloric characters you can see the true beauty of urban art. The graffitis of Alonso you can find mostly in Tijuana but as well in different parts of Mexico.

Paola Delfin

One of the most famous Mexican artists Paola Delfin creates authentic works based on illustrations and neo-contemporary street art influences.

One of the most prominent works of the artist is the serie of drawing "Metamorphosis". In her works Paola uses feminine figures pointing attention to the feminine aesthetics and sensibility, showing how beautiful and at the same moment strong can be the woman.

Curiot (Favio Martinez)

Curiot is a painter and street artist working in Mexico City. He earned his B.F.A from the Universidad Michoacana de S.N. Hidalgo in 2008. His paintings have been exhibited in diverse solo and group venues including Fecal Face, Anno Domini, Fifty24MX, CC186, etc and received an award for his work 'Mass Media' in the 7th National Biennial of Painting and Engraving Alfredo Zalce.

Curiot's colorful paintings, featuring mythical half-animal half-human figures and scenes, which allude to Mexican traditions (geometric designs, Day of the Dead styles, myths and legends, tribal elements), are rendered in detail with a mixture of highly vibrant yet complementary colors. Blending human and animal forms in vibrant mythical beasts Curiot creates unbelievable stories on the walls of Mexican cities. His characters are dressed in tribal costumes covered with pattern, feather, fur and jewelry.

Farid Rueda

Farid Rueda dropped out of art school and joined the 'No Colectivo' creative group, but he has never stopped telling his stories with passion and admiration to the art. The works of Farid are full of cheerful, contrast and kaleidoscopic touch. This fresh look makes his works one of the most prominent and recognized not only in Mexico but in the world art market.

Farid is famous for his animal and birds murals that attract the attention of the neighborhood residents and bring more inspiration and beauty to the cities.


A young mural artist Areuz is one of Mexico best known artists, recognized for his astonishing murals of unique visual style.

Originally from Mexico DF, Gonzalo started to paint from the early years, going from graffiti to murals. For the last six year the artist is dedicated to painting the murals. His colorful works are based on pre-Hispanic elements, legends and myths. The bright colors of folkloric ancient cultures are some of the things that influence a lot on his works and make him one of the most prominent street artists in Mexico.

Edgar Bacalao

A painter, sculptor, printmaker, street artist, Edgar Bacalao has been working a lot for the last years creating truly incredible pieces of art. After studying in the Faculty of Plastic Arts of the Universidad Veracruzana, Edgar forged in the graphic arts and participated in biennials and graphic halls in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, South Korea.

In the impressive characters of Edgar's works there are a lot of hidden messages. The artist uses the body to express the emotions and feelings connected with our nature. Sharp dimensions cut the contours of the human condition as prime nature revealing what we have inside.

Neuzz (Miguel Mejia)

Bringing life to the abandoned areas, the works of Neuzz that are based on a Mexican folklore, Aztec, Nahuatl and Heuichol culture tell for themselves. You can see the artist works exhibited in Mexico, Europe and the USA.


Mazatl (from Nahuatl language "deer"), a designer, printmaker and street artist from Mexico City, focuses his black and white works on nature and the threats it has. From small to large creations the artist wants to protect the animals. "We live within a system that aims to control and tame everything and everyone. Animals are a beautiful reminder of a wilder world that struggles to survive," Mazatl says.

Besides the prints, linocuts, woodcuts, Mazatl takes his art to the streets to spread his visual message.
*Printmaking has been widely used to communicate social and political messages since the early 1900s.

Dherzu Uzala

Inspired by the art of Coyoacan, Cancun based artist is famous for his colorful murals all over Cancun, Tulum, Isla Mujeres and Holbox.

Dherzu participated in different art festivals including Sea Walls, Pangea Seed and others. Right now the artist works for a Art Paradise project.


Colorful and beautiful imaginations of birds you can see all over Mexico and even in India. Senkoe also has other murals full of colors that you can find in the walls situated in wide avenues of the urban parts of the cities.

Lesuperdemon (Raúl Sisniega)

Lesuperdemon is a Mexican artist from Mexico DF who is obsessed with metamorphosis, geometry, Euclidian mathematics and quantum mechanics. His colorful, geometric murals explore the eternal changing process of organic matter, the cycle of nature, life and death.

Saner (Edgar Flores)

Muralist, painter, illustrator and graphic artist, Saner base his colorful works on Mexican traditions, geometric designs, tribal elements, legends and myths. The bright colors of folkloric ancient cultures are some of the things that influence a lot on the work of Saner.

As usual for the Mexican muralist, Saner is exploring powerful folkloric narratives with his distinctive signature imagery.

Seher One (David Piñon)

Seher One became internationally recognized and considered one of the most promising Mexican urban artists. His illustrations have been on the cover of the magazines and newspapers.

Seher is famous more for his large graffitis and collaboration with Nike and Comex that you can find in Mexico DF.

Dhear (Jesus Benitez)

Surrealist artist from Mexico City is famous for his psychedelic works that look like they came from the favourite works artist books. Dhear in collaboration with Aruz has more fantastic works in Berlin and Barcelona.

Smithe One

Smithe's style is very surreal that holds a lot of its roots in comic books and graffiti aesthetic. His works have been exhibited in diverse solo and group in England, Belgium, and Germany. The artist has already made his name in the international street art scene.

Now Smithe keeps working creating more graffitis. One of the latest works he made is "Knowledge Box" in Casablanca.

Fusca (Pilar Cardenas)

The mysterious graffiti that are shaped with powerful contrast of colors shaped by black lines make Fusca style unique. The works of young artist have been exhibited in Morocco, Spain, and the USA.

Gran Om

Gran Om is differently one of the finest artists and designer in Mexico famous for his political prints, contemporary gig posters and social political theme based murals. Together with his friend illustration artist Kloer they design prints and paint murals that affect the life of people in the communities leaving a rich commentary on today's social and political issues: the fight of the indigenous people for their land, women rights, the collapse of the political system.

While being exhibited in the USA and Mexico, Gran Om keeps showing the contemporary aesthetics of design and street art through his works.

Sego y Ovbal

An artist with two faces. Sego creates wild and fantastic creatures based on the life in the city and the nature.

The artist' works are seen in Cuba, Buenos Aires, Paris, Spain, the USA, Mexico. And as well his works have been published in street art books and magazines.

News ( Itzel Nájera )

One of the most talented female graffiti artists, News, is famous for her amazing illustrations and graffitis that can be seen in Mexico, Europe (Belgium). News collaborated of performing art for Saba, Sephora, Adidas, MTV, Nike and she has her own brand "News One".


"Las paredes tambien hablan" (The walls speak as well).

Lapiztola, a stencil artist, has done impossible – his works totally have changed the look of Oaxaca. Based on real images with creative embellishment and a political/social message the murals on the walls reached global audience.

The works of Lapiztola were exhibited in Brazil, Mexico, the USA. It's one of my favourite artists and a great artist.


The colorful works of Spaik attract the attention to the urban settings, being simply unbelievable rich in colors with the prominent contrast and attention to the details. Spaik mixes folk elements and cultural symbols creating historic mural art.

The artist participates in numerous festivals and projects in North and South America and Europe as well.

Cix Mugre ( Antonio Triana)

The significant works of Cix Mugre show mystical creatures in subtle colors and form a totally new point of view for a Mexican urban culture. Every mural has it own increadible style to spare.

One of the remarkable murals, rich in both color and symbols, was made during the Constructo festival in Mexico to produce the sublime artwork entitled Life & Death the Cycle.


Yescka is a Oaxacan street artist and a founder of the political art collective ASARO (Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca). One of his significant works was made in Grenada, Spain – "Yendo por una buena ola – huyendo por una mejor vida" ( "Going for a good wave – Fleeing for a better life").

It shows two boys running towards each other on the shore of the sea. While for many people the Mediterranean Sea is a popular vacation destination, for others it is a border to a better life.

Libre Hem

Artist, arquitector from Tijuana, Libre Gutierrez creates colorful murals inspired by the districts and people where he paints. This year the artist has been participated in Festival Latino Americano in Peru. His giant mural of dear attracted the attention and became one of the most significant artist works.

Some of artist murals have social message, some of them are just simply beautiful.


A young internationally famous artist Jorge Tellaeche has already had the exhibitions in the USA, Great Britain, different cities in Mexico and has been working with Adidas, Nestle, Comex, El Palacio de Hierro, Amnistia International…

Tellaeche started his career when he was a 15 years teenager with an exhibition in San Diego, later he moved to Luxembourg to study art and then came back home, to Mexico. Right now the artist lives in Mexico DF, has its own agency and keeps working on new art projects.

And who is your favourite street artist in Mexico?