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The most interesting murals in Cancun
Murals and graffiti is a reflection of the culture. They can be historically significant as they serve as a reminder for a struggle or victory.

They can be beautiful and uplifting, generating the source of pride for local people. But despite of everything they are becoming an important and prominent part of any city and Cancun is not an exception.
I will introduce to 18 artists that proudly shared Mexican heritage and their vision through mural art and graffiti in their works in Cancun.

Nychos is an illustrator, urban artist and graffiti artist from Austria. He is known for his characteristic dissection, cross-section, x-ray and translucent styles, often portraying animals and characters drawn from pop culture.

His works can be seen on walls around the world while his works on canvas and drawing have been shown in internationally in galleries. In 2015 the artist released the documentary "The Deepest Depths of the Burrow", which depicts his experiences as a globetrotter artist.

Nychos' pseudonym originates from dinosaurs named "Deinonychus". The name means "terrible claw" in Latin.

Instagram: Nychos
Interesni Kazki

Aleksei Bordusov aka Aec Interesni Kazki is a Ukrainian street artist whose surrealist work is embodied in walls around the world.

The highly detailed pieces of Aec appear as if they came from a fairy tale populated by colorful imaginary creatures that often seem to be in motion. The comparison with the fairytale characters is not involuntary, as their nickname, Interesni Kazki, literally means "interesting fairy tales" and was also the name of a team of an artistic duo made up of Aec and Vladimir Manzhos Waone.

His bright and intriguing murals, inspired by science, religion, mythology, cosmology, myths and past times, are full of color and often accompanied by black and white drawings of their own.

Instagram: Interesni Kazki

Curiot is a painter and street artist working in Mexico City. He earned his B.F.A from the Universidad Michoacana de S.N. Hidalgo in 2008. His paintings have been exhibited in diverse solo and group venues.

Curiot's colorful paintings, featuring mythical half-animal half-human figures and scenes, which allude to Mexican traditions (geometric designs, Day of the Dead styles, myths and legends, tribal elements), are rendered in precise detail with a mixture of highly vibrant complementary colors. 'The bright colors, folklore, ancient cultures and the beautiful handcrafts are some of the things that I embraced and which influence my work deeply'.

Instagram: Curiot
Mantra Rea

Born in Metz (France) in 1987, Mantra is a self-taught street artist that has been painting in the streets since 2008.

In his paintings and street canvases, the Artist pays tribute to his childhood heroes (butterflies, owls, spiders, birds…) in a realistic and lively style, like a mirror reflecting on the cries of a nature that we don't hear anymore. Mantra creates magnificent murals with the combination of exquisite colors and in-depth background, with the intention to leave his footprints in the urban areas like repeated mantras, hence his nickname.

Not only does he have extraordinary artistic skills – freehand sketching without using a projector or grid – but also he has strong passion and motivation. This young French artist is on his way to the international vanguard of contemporary muralism having his works recognized beyond the European frontier: Buenos Aires, Seattle, Vienna, Paris, Lima, Quito, Bogotá.

Instagram: Mantra Rea
Aaron Glasson and Celeste Byers

Aaron Glasson is an artist and creative director from Auckland, New Zealand. Aaron's art covers a diverse range of mediums consisting of installations, vibrant murals, paintings, illustration, and films. His art explores themes that discuss the human relationship to the natural environment, community empowerment and education.

Instagram: Aaron Glasson and Celeste Byers
Spok Brillor

Spok Brillor, one of the most relevant figures of the graffiti scene in Spain.

Born in Madrid in 1978, Spok began in this urban art at the beginning of the 90s. Soon he would make a difference by imposing his style on trains and walls, leaving evidence of his talent throughout that decade representing TBC crew. With the arrival of the millennium, he also turned to studio work for gallery and new media, although he never abandoned his experiments with color and shapes.

His creations are inspired by the city, explore empty cities or with few characters that usually remain in the background, they feed on the night and play with of light and shadow, resemble photographs but at the same time, find space to introduce fantastic elements.

He never stops traveling to paint murals in numerous festivals and places like Mexico, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Hong Kong and Miami to name a few. He has also participated in multiple collective and individual exhibitions such as TATE Modern's Walking Tour, the stand of El País in ARCO or the Instituto Cervantes in Manchester. He has created more than 30 public works and they have been exhibited in more than 10 countries.

Instagram: Spok Brillor
Case Maclaim

A German urban artist native to Frankfurt, Andres Von Chrzanowski (a.k.a. CASE or CASE Maclaim) is a graffiti painter who relies on his highly developed talent to create pieces that combine brilliant photorealism with a strong note of surrealism.

This artist primarily uses spray paint as this street art technique enables him to get the most out of his visuals and achieve the level of perfection his incredibly life-like graffiti possess. One of Andres Von Chrzanowski's most common pictorial motifs are the overlaying hands that symbolize unity and power. It should also be noted that CASE is a founding member of the renown East- Germany Maclaim Crew, a group that has been the urban expression's photorealism pioneer for over two decades now.

Very deservedly so, Andres Von Chrzanowski is nowadays widely appreciated as one of the finest photorealistic aerosol authors in the world. He constantly makes creative waves on both the national and international street scene, whilst whole of urban art movement seems to observe every new graffiti he sprays on.

Instagram: Case Maclaim
Mateus Bailon

Mateus Bailon is a brazilian artist born in Santa Catarina. His work explores narratives that seek to recall the connection between the human being and nature, as well as revealing his own particular universe inhabited by fantastic creatures, especially his birds.

After growing up surrounded by the amazing biodiversity of brazilian Atlantic Forest and witnessing year after year its sad decay promoted by human's greed, Bailon has been bringing to the streets the power of nature (specially in urban concrete jungles) translated in fantastic creatures and hybrid animals from his own mythological universe.

On the other hand, in his paintings and exhibitions the artist usually brings the human being into his magic forest aiming to empower the natural world and promote enviromental awareness by offering a sensorial experience to the public, reconecting people to where they truly belong, afterall we're all animals.

Instagram: Mateus Bailon

Gonzalo Areuz is one of the best street art artists in Mexico. Originally from Mexico DF, Gonzalo started to paint from the early years, going from graffiti to murals. For the last six year the artist has been dedicated to pain murals.

His colorful works are based on pre-Hispanic elements, legends and myths. The bright colors of folkloric ancient cultures are some of the things that influence a lot on his works and make him one of the most prominent street artists in Mexico.

Instagram: Areuz
Farid Rueda

Farid Rueda, a Mexican street artist, is known for painting graffiti full of Mexico's cultural references. The artist figures out new concepts of representing Mexican culture without turning it into a cliché. He is primarily known for his murals and other large-scale pieces, but he has been known to paint smaller works as well.

The murals the artist paints are all well established and people instantly recognize them. The artist's works help us to become aware of how much we need to take care of aspects that make us what we are. And in addition, he does this through some of the most visually impressive street art pieces we've seen in a long time.

Instagram: Farid Rueda
Paola Delfin

Paola Delfin is a Mexican artist whose work is mainly influenced by illustrations, organic forms and a mixture of unusual materials.

Throughout her mural artwork focusing on feminism, her artworks become global. Her female characters speak of the change, the nature, beauty, struggles, parts of herself, at least at the state when she is painting, but most importantly the local stories and views. Her interest on how people live daily and her ability to find inspiration in it is what makes her artwork so unique.

Instagram: Paola Delfin
YS Lauren

Lauren is a fine artist and muralist whose work explores questions of identity and the darker sides of femininity within a psychedelic dreamworld of her own making. Known best for her large scale murals, Lauren creates characters whose fantastical mutations represent empowerment of the other and a celebration of personhood.

Lauren's work is influenced by dreams, mythology, death, comics, love, sex, monsters, black holes, cybernetic organisms and her Asian-American heritage.

Instagram: YS Lauren
Its a living

Its a living is not just a statement but it is also a life philosophy for Ricardo Gonzalez, a designer, and artist from Durango México currently living in Brooklyn. His signature script style can be easily recognized from large scale murals to commercial work for some of the biggest brands to a simple sticker in the streets.

Born in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua and raised in Durango, Mexico. Ricardo Gonzalez is a graphic designer focused on lettering, typography, calligraphy & art installations. His passion for letterforms comes from his childhood when looking at old letters written in Spencerian by his grandfather in the 1950's.

"Typography is used to express human emotions but also it can help to demonstrate effectively, the needs of our planet. As artists, we can help to create consciousness through art for the ocean."

Instagram: Its a living

One of the most prominent artists of the Bogota scene, Diana Ordonez, known as LeDania, besides street art, works in photography, graphic design, advertising, artistic makeup, as well as in the implementation of her themes and motifs into decorative items, clothing and accessories. Developing a recognizable visual language, her graffiti and murals could be seen in every corner in Chapinero, a part of Bogota. The etymology of her pseudonym derives from Greek mythology character Leda, who was seduced by Zeus, in combination with her name Diana. She wrote it for the first time when she was fifteen, and since then she uses it as a signature for all of her work.

LeDania has finished her studies in Visual Arts at the Universidad Javeriana. She has been experimenting with the vinyl and acrylic until she discovered aerosol seven years ago when her paintings and sketches moved to the street walls. She doesn't paint political or religious themes but strives to have a positive attitude and distract the attention of the people who are not getting used to going to the galleries. Her work conveys the impression of constant movement and freedom.

Instagram: LeDania

One of the most proposing and freshest names in the Latin American street art, is GLeo, a Colombian artist, born and raised in Cali, who express her identity and vision of global issues in colorful illustrations, oil painting and massive murals around South America and now days in capitals cities of street art, like Barcelona and Mexico City. Definitely a great promise of this discipline, how with her work is trying to be a reality.

In her pieces she blended the legends and worldview of the original cultures of her country, using pictorial references of animals to create surreal images and female characters carrying ornamentals masks with big eyes and tattoos, symbolism of power and wisdom in many cultures around the globe. Making a unique universe and visual language that begins to expand worldwide.

Instagram: Gleo

Sleepwalck is a true legend in the world of street art in Cancun. Claiming his street artist's integrity for many years, he is admired, loved and respected, remaining the symbol for resistance and excellence.

Combining modern figures with the imaginary world, Sleepwalck pieces send the message – men will always be an integral part of nature and this mutual relationship should be carefully maintained.

Instagram: Sleepwalck
Happyone and Twinone

The works of two brothers similarly represent intricate formal arrangements, where color, shape, lines and organization of compositions are of the foremost importance.

Besides making graffiti the brothers Lopez are one of the best tattoo masters in Cancun. Their tattoos are characterized with intricate lines, bizarre creatures, exclusively black color, effective contrast and the focus on Cholo art.

Instagram: Happy One and Twin One

One of the most proposing and freshest names in Riviera Maya street art, is Senkoe, a Playa del Carmen based artist, who performs painting interventions in the urban context as part of interdisciplinary projects in favor of the recovery of public spaces. Senkoe studied pedagogy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, at the same time as he enrolled in graphic design courses and art workshops at the Academy of San Carlos.

The work of Senkoe opens from two sources: pre-Hispanic art and the world of dreams, reminding us that both come from a single source, pure creation. The state of enlightenment in which everything that is spoken, drawn or painted is a major work of art. In this way, his graph reproduces the delirium of Mexico's own textiles – its shapes and colors – and the memories of a dream world that is constantly fading.

Other sources of inspiration are found in botanical illustration, literature, comics, as well as caricatures, nature and the sea. From them, Senkoe creates anthropomorphic characters, creatures of the unconscious, animals that come to life. They fly, rest and travel along a monstrous and beautiful Mexican identity. These elements constitute what can be called a narrative graffiti that puebla the global anonymity that has permeated our streets. As a result, his work stimulates the imagination of the passer-by with a kind of animal reverie.

Instagram: Senkoe
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